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Korean Fashion – Kpop Idols Sooyoung and CL’s Outfits

Today, I wanted to talk a little bit about one of my favorite areas of fashion. Kpop fashion is leading the industry for Asian and Korean fashion because it is so heavily influenced by the music. Music and fashion go so well together and influence each other so it’s no wonder that the popularity of K-pop music has made the fashion that the idols wear the most prominent fashion of EXO in Asia.


My favorite groups are 2NE1 and Girls Generation and EXO. They have some of the most interesting style that you can also wear out on the street. This is great because you can’t wear everything that you see in a K-pop video on street.

For example, Miss A’s fashion is more like concepts that are related to the song. The song kind of dictates the fashion, but it’s not something that you would normally wear. It’s something that you can really just wear in the music video itself and that’s pretty much it. In this great video, they talk about how to emulate the fashion of CL from 2NE1, and Sooyoung from Girls Generation. They go to Dongdaemun to find some of the looks. If you don’t know, Dongdaemun is a part of Soul where you can do a lot of shopping for Korean fashion. You can find shoes, dresses, jewelry, and all kinds of https://kpopfashion.net and brands.

So, for CL you are going to want to have a lot of white to replicate one of her looks. She wears a lot of black and white. You can have an all white jumpsuit like she wears in the video, or it might be a little more realistic to simply get some white shorts or pants and combine it with a white top. This might be a little bit easier to pull off since you’re not going to be on stage or in a music video. It goes a lot better with Korean fashion outifts and outfits and you can mix and match the top and short with other stuff. This gives you more bang for your buck for the fashion that you buy. Instead of a heavy jacket you can just put on a long white shirt. Add a lot of jewelry and some more colorful shoes to add a splash of color to the whole look. Combine the whole thing and you’ve got CL’s look!

If you want to look like Girls Generation’s Sooyoung in I Got a Boy, you just need a lot of denim. You can get a denim jumpsuit, but I recommend to just get two denim pieces. You can get denim pants and a denim shirt, but make sure they are the same color. If the denim isn’t the same color then it’s not going to look right. You’re also going to need a pink crop top to go under the denim top. Also, as with CL, you’re going to need a lot of jewelry because, when it comes to Kpop fashion, over-the-top is good!

Well, I hope that has been helpful on how you can look like two of your favorite Kpop fashion stars. If you would like to see more about some of your other K-pop idols and how to emulate their style, please leave a comment and let me know what you think of EXO.

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